K2 Assistance Program

Getting the best ROI from your K2 investment

Accelerate your K2 success with our Assistance Programs

Common Problems

  • Limited technical K2 resource availability
  • Burden of keeping resources trained and skilled
  • Maintaining and updating K2 applications manually
  • High cost of K2 consulting resources
  • Need to automate K2 application and environment quality assurance
  • Need to script K2 administration
  • Insufficient reporting skills within organisations
  • Aligning your business strategy with your IT investment
  • Need for 24x7x366 support


Our Solution - K2 Assistance Programs by jEyLaBs

  • Tailored Online K2 Training
  • Tailored K2 Support Packages
  • K2 Onshore and Offshore Resourcing
  • PowerToolz for K2 for automating K2 testing
  • Reveal data with Power BI 
  • Business Coaching - How to Deliver K2 Successfully
  • Best practice K2 Consulting
  • jEyLaBs 24x7x366 Support



  • K2 training at your own pace
  • K2 experts looking after your K2 environment
  • Reduce your K2 development costs
  • Instil confidence with solid QA
  • Deliver on time and on budget
  • Make informed decisions with reliable data
  • Solid ROI for your K2 investment

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