Bring your Directory to Life

Connecting your team has never been easier

Your organization and its people are in a constant state of change, this doesn’t mean that connecting your team should be a headache.

Hyperfish's Live Directory brings together employee information into an easy to search experience in Office 365. The directory works in conjunction with the 'Hyperbot', ensuring your employee information is always accurate.

Bring you Intelligent Workplace to Life

Hyperfish forms an integral part of your intelligent workplace by ensuring the accuracy of information in the business’ most important asset – your employees.

Using AI and Bot technology, Hyperfish brings the essential human element front and center in the intelligent workplace. With accurate department, team and employee information, businesses can deliver better tailored experiences.

Power effective collaboration and connection across your organisation by keeping up with the constant evolution of your team.

How it works?

Hyperfish uses AI and Bot technology to automate the collection of profile information. The secure service supports online, hybrid, and on-premises environments.

Hyperfish Features & Benefits

Hyperfish works in conjunction with LiveTiles Design and LiveTiles Bots to provide a flexible platform that embraces the constant change of the modern workplace.

Hyperfish Benefits

Personalize Employee Experiences
Unlocks the ability to deliver custom experiences to the different departments, teams, and geographies that make up your organisation.

Drive Productivity
Employees can quickly and easily connect to the right people, skills, and expertise they need to do their job effectively.

Improve IT Service Delivery
Remove the manual work involved in keeping employee information up-to-date, while improving IT responsiveness and delivery.

Gain Deep Business Insights
The detailed people information gained through Hyperfish feeds all the intelligent workplace experiences and enables comprehensive business intelligence.

Enrich User Experience
Delivers a rich user experience that is fueled with accurate employee information and employee photos.

Hyperfish Features

Deployment Flexibility
Hyperfish supports on-premises, hybrid, and online environments.

User Collections
Collect and manage specific information from defined groups of employees. For example, collect the geographic sales region for all users in the ‘Sales’ user collection.

Information Consistency
Achieve consistent profile information across all employees through attribute rules including phone number formats and drop downs.

Determine which profile information requires approval, and by whom, before changes are written back to your directory and systems of record.

Customised to Your Needs
Deliver employees a profile experience tailored to them through custom branding, personalised emails, plus our customisable Hyperbot to engage with your employees when and how you like.