Automatically Collect and Manage Office 365 Profile Photos for Free

Profile photos are everywhere in Office 365, but most organizations struggle to get employees to upload their pictures. Without profile photos, Office 365 looks unfinished which leads to user dissatisfaction, increased support overhead, and poor adoption.

Administrators must either manually upload photos, or continually spam the entire organization to plead employees for a photo.

Not only the all important profile photos but, The cause of many workflow errors is an incomplete or out of user profile date Microsoft Active Directory or Azure Active Directory.

You are not alone. Over 80% of Active Directories are out of date and missing critical business information.

Register for the Hyperfish webinar to learn how you can:

  • Transform your AD/AAD into a live people directory with rich user profiles, up to date organisation hierarchy and correct contact information
  • Dramatically improve communications, reduce IT support costs, while ensuring the quality and consistency of people information
  • Accelerate key IT projects to drive busness success and unlock the value in your Microsoft investment


Make Your Active Directory Great Again!

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